Thanks for watching my review of what I thought of BIOTRUST milk chocolate.
Let me know what supplements you woukd want for me to review for you!
*So far these are my favorite proteins I do approve of and love how they taste;
** Iced Coffee grass fed whey protein… get it here;
I like these too
Ketologie Shakes;
Ketologie Probiotics and ketones;
*For skin tightening
Derma roller ( I use a .25)
Dry Brush ( Set of 3 in this pack, thats a steal!)
REtinol cream for body;
Hydrolyzed Collagen peptides;
*Other Stuff I like;
Iced Coffee Grass Fed protein;
Ketologie Shakes;
Ketologie Probiotics and ketones;
Meal prep bag from Undeniable;
My favorite meal prep containers;
The planners I love are by Day designer;
this one is in gold;
SWERVE sugar replacement;
*Ketologie sweet like sugar replacement;
*copper pan I love;
* My favorite Lemon flake salt;
* Kosmos seasoning I use to season my chicken;
Kosmos Dirty Bird;
Kosmos Dirty Bird Hot;
Kosmos Killer Bee;
*Pork Panko; 3, 3 oz bags
1 lb bag;
*Ultima replinisher, electrolytes powder packs;
*Crystal light green tea I am loving;
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