How to Eat Carbs And Stay in Ketosis (1 Simple Trick)

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No doubt, the ketogenic diet is absolutely one of the most effective ways to increase metabolism, curb appetite, boost weight loss results, elevate energy, and even enhance mental focus… BUT, the #1 problem with the Keto Diet is you don’t get to eat your favorite carbs, which means…

• NO bread, rice, pasta or desserts
• NO delicious fruits
• NO red wine, beer or cocktails

And if you do eat any of these?

Your body gets immediately kicked out of “ketosis” — that state of elevated ketone levels and heightened fat burning — which is the hallmark of the Keto Diet, and your body goes right back to storing fat. No ketosis also means no keto results.

And that’s not the only problem. You need to eat an extraordinarily high amount of fat on Keto. And if you eat too much protein or any significant amount of carbohydrates? Again, you get “kicked out” out of ketosis, and your body stops burning ketones as fuel.

• Sneak a few carbs? You are out of ketosis.

• Want to eat some of those delicious ripe fruits that are in season? You are out of ketosis.

• Too much protein in that so-called “keto-friendly” steak you just ate? You are out of ketosis.

• Want to have a glass (or two) of red wine, a couple beers or cocktails? You are out of ketosis.

But what if you could enjoy the major benefits of “going keto” — and experience those benefits even faster with a brand new “keto breakthrough” that’s 4 TIMES more powerful than coconut oil — without having to completely sacrifice your favorite carbs like bread, pasta and fruit?

Well, the shocking truth is that you can… and that’s the secret I share with you when you click to watch today’s special video presentation…

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