Faster Keto Results & Still Eat Carbs

Now you can get KETO results without the strict KETO rules by naturally elevating your levels of ketones with BioTrust’s KETO ELEVATE™.

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– Add Keto Elevate Creamer to Coffee, Tea, Protein Smoothies, or Yogurt
– Contains 100% C8 MCTs — More Ketogenic Than Other MCTs
– 4X Better Than Coconut Oil
– Convenient Powdered Form, No Messy Oils
– Only 1 gram Net Carbs
– Slightly Sweet, Tastes Delicious
– Only Honest Ingredients, Nothing Artificial
– No Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners, Non-GMO
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“Keto Elevate gives me so much mental and physical energy to get past the afternoon slump! I know it’s caffeine-free, but it’s hard to believe!”

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